Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ciera - Class of 2009

I have decided that to get the new blog rolling, I will be posting sessions from the past that were particularly special to me. Once such session was Ciera's senior portraits. Ciera is an employee of ShutterBugs, she has done it all with us for many years. Ciera is always willing to come at a moment's notice to help with anything we have going on and we appreciate her and her family so much!

For Ciera's senior portraits, she wanted something different. She wanted to go to St. Augustine, but not to the beach. Locations like the Castillo de San Marcos fort and other historic places were mentioned when we were doing the pre-planning for her session. She also wanted to incorporate railroad tracks, her guitar, and her Bible.

We actually ended up doing two separate sessions. Up the road to Live Oak, FL for the railroad shots and St. Augustine for the rest. We ended up with some great shots, and I think Ciera and her family were pleased with the outcome of the sessions.

After the session, Ciera chose to have her graduation invitations designed using her senior portraits. Occasionally, a student will tell me to design it completely on my own, which is what Ciera did. I know her so well because she has worked with us for so long, and I was actually comfortable doing this one. I found quotes and scriptures to add that I thought fit Ciera's character and interests. What we ended up with is below. They were 20 inches long total and 5.5 inches high, folding cards that had 10 panels. These have been very popular samples for this year's seniors in the Class of 2010, and I will be designing several of the 10 panel style invitations soon.

Ciera's session was special to me because it allowed me to get creative in a location that not many seniors choose to go to for their portraits. I also enjoyed very much being a part of such a special time in Ciera's life.
Hope you enjoyed this flashback with me.
- Erin

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